What do you require to get a quotation for a project?
An image of the design/logo, either e-mailed or faxed, the type of items to be embroidered and the quantity. For more information please go to our Quotes and Orders page.
What can be embroidered?
We have the expertise to embroidery almost anything. With a good description of the goods and an image of the design/logo, we can tell you whether or not the item can be embroidered.
What is your turnaround time?
2-3 weeks is our typical turnaround time.
What do you do for proofing?
To ensure absolute quality control, we first do a test run by stitching the desired design/logo on a fabric similar to the final product. This is presented to the client for proofing.
Method of Payment?
New accounts are on C.O.D. Once a track record is established, we can consider net 30 day terms.