The Embroidery Company is more than just good customer and quality embroidery. The values of the company are founded in family tradition of sorts.

The Embroidery Company was established in 1995 by Celine Uttaro and George Lemire. Celine's parents also ran a successful embroidery company in Eastern Canada and they have produced some amazing handcrafted work. It is the passion and attention to detail that has been passed on to their daughter.

When it first opened for business, The Embroidery Company operated in a small shop with only 4 sewing heads. As a result of the fine embroidery they produced, the Company quickly grew and further expansion was being planned.

Today, the shop runs 43 sewing heads and produces thousands of embroidered goods each day.

The Embroidery Company is one of the largest wholesale commercial embroiderers in Western Canada and serves clients from around the world.

All services are offered both in English and French.


  • Members of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce since 1995.
  • La chambre economique de l'Alberta
  • Members of the Embroidery Trade Association since 2000.
  • Members of the Gold Hoop Network since 2000.