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Who We Serve

Serving local, national, and international clients in English and in French, The Embroidery Company proudly provides custom embroidery, cresting, heat transferring, sublimated patching, and laser etching for many promotional marketing companies, universities and colleges, military, retailers, and other resale markets.

Promotional Marketing Companies

The Embroidery Company partners regularly with promotional marketing companies that offer an assortment of high quality branded and/or customized products to businesses and individuals at effective costs.

However, the world of embroidery is not simple because embroidery is an art form built on years of experience. Unlike other decoration options, such as t-shirt screen printing, embroidery requires extensive technical knowledge, attention to detail, and expertise to produce detailed pieces.

This is where The Embroidery Company can help. We offer solutions by providing the resources, equipment, and expertise needed to produce the high-quality products that promotional marketing companies promise to their customers.

Business to Business

Many times, there are businesses or organizations that source locally and prefer to have a specialist working on their decorations. Other times, they may require embroidered work that is specific, unique, or artistically complex. For these reasons, The Embroidery Company also serves companies, businesses, and organizations that prefer to work directly with us to fulfill their decoration needs.

We work closely with our clients to understand what they want and ensure that we produce their decorations with the finest quality.

Direct embroidery
Heat Transfer
Embroidered Patches
Sublimation Print
Laser Etch Patches

Do you have a product that needs some embellishment?

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